Research Topic

Open-type Compound Library

Beauty Science Research Center
(Compound library), phytoalexin (whitening effect) → compound pre-distribution → discovery of new efficacy, antioxidant / anti-aging / anti-obesity / fungal / anti-inflammatory / analgesic effect

Phytoalexin from Carnation

Phytoalexin: self protection material from a plant responding to external stimulus

Carnation and PhytoAlexin Structure

Evaluation System for Dermatologic Effect

Evaluation Service

Phytoalexin: self protection material from a plant responding to external stimulus

  • Evaluation of Whitening Effect of Cosmetics
  • - Evaluation of anti-inflammatory effect of Tyrosinase assay, melanin formation measurement cosmetics
  • - Evaluation of cell toxicity of NO assay, NF-Kb transcription factor activation measurement
  • - MTT assay anti-obese effect evaluation
  • - Oil red O assay, Triglyceride assay

Development of Maximal Security Prescription

PEG(Polyethylene glycol) Surfactant Free

Structure of PIG

PEG(Polyethylene glycol) Surfactant: used a lot for cosmetics thanks to good detergent action but dangerous because of toxicity from remaining unreacted material

  • PEG free recipe development
  • - Application of polyglucelin surfactant
  • - Application of alkilglucose surfactant
  • - Development of new natural surfactant

hypo-allergenic preservative system

Structure of Hexanediol

Hexanediol: Poliol-type compound that has moisturing effect: widely used as an alternative for preservatives for non-preservative cosmetics but provoke skin trouble.

  • Hypo-allergenic preservative development
  • - Development of minimal hexanediol recipe
  • - Research on poliol compound preservation synergy
  • - Exploration of new alternative material for preservation
  • - Research on natural preservatives

Application of big data of customers’ sensibility

Big data for development of customized cosmetics

Important Analytic Hypothesis for development of customized cosmetics

Skin type ← Customer segmentation through joint variables → Skin distress and lifestyle ← Product usage pattern (methods and types of use) ← Target customer → Product / preference correlation analysis → Feeling / attribution correlation analysis, product usage pattern Flexibility analysis, lifestyle Uniqueness

Development of customized cosmetics

  • Exploration of customer’s sensibility data based product qualities
  • - Specification of new target customers
  • - Exploration of sensibility elements of preference for products
  • Customized recipe matrix
  • - Establishment of a library for mask pack specified recipe
  • - Analysis of application sense characteristic of each sheet
  • - Optimalization of sheet /liquid application sense

Introduction of the report system of customized cosmetics sale: revised on March 13, 2018 and to be executed on March 14, 2020